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The Petraco Oil Group informs you of the risk of potential fraud arising through the unauthorised use of Petraco Oil Group company names and/or directors’ names.  Please verify that the domain name of any email purportedly sent by the Petraco Oil Group corresponds with the correct domain, being

Please note that the Petraco Oil Group does not send unsolicited commercial offers by email outside of formal tenders and existing commercial relationships.  Accordingly, any purported commercial proposals of any nature allegedly sent on behalf of the Petraco Oil Group are done fraudulently and without authority. No entities within the Petraco Group of Company’s will bear any obligations or liabilities concerning such purported proposals or agreements.

In case of any doubts concerning the authority of potential approaches please contact the official address of Petraco Oil Group

Any such fraudulent approaches should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities at the place of your registration or country of residence.